home drawings multimedia paintings

emily, 2022 (soldering iron on paper)

archie, 2022

march 28, 2022 (2022)

collaborative drawing with multimedia artist troy paul bloom (https://www.troypaulbloom.com/). troy and erin selected iPhone images in their phones from march 28 and wrote descriptions of their visual elements. they traded the descriptions and made drawings in response to each other’s writing.

clare’s foot, 2022
untitled, 2022

gracie, 2022

held bird, image not mine, 2022
pet land map, 2022

sketchbook, 2021

i like ny, commission for The Inquirist Magazinehttps://inquiristmag.com/2021/07/01/to-new-york-with-like/
the visitor, 2020
sketchbook, 2021
valet, 2021

‘evolution’ accordion book layout, 2022

shel v. seuss (series), 2020, commission for The Inquiristhttps://inquiristmag.com/2020/01/13/the-seuss-silverstein-correspondences/

sketchbook, 2021