sketchbook doodle game, watercolor and ink, 2023
‘Creature,’ graphite, 2023
sketchbook,  ink, 2023
sketchbook, ink, 2023
‘Hole,’ graphite, 2023
‘House on Nostrand,’ graphite, 2023
‘Peering,’ soldeirng iron, 2023
sketchbook, graphite, 2023
‘Let’s Go Mets!,’ graphite, 2023
sketchbook, ink, 2023
sketchbook, graphite, 2023
sketchbook, ink, 2023
‘crow hunting,’ ink and charcoal, 2023
‘Connect the Dots,’ inspired by Milo, ink and color pencil, 2023
‘And So We Passed In The Night In The End, The Flash
Washing You Out, My Eyes Correcting The Image To
See You Clearly, As I Almost
Always Had,’ polyptich, graphite , 2023