select pages from ‘En Route,’ a graphic autoethnography featuring Jessica Wang and Heather Wolf, ink and digital wash, 2022
‘Harapeko Prefix Foldable Menu,’ ink, 2022
untitled sculpture, fabric, polyester, armature wire,  acrylic and sharpie, 2022

Erin’s description, 2022
Troy’s description, 2022
Troy’s drawing, masking tape on poster board, 2022

‘March 28,’ a collaborative project with Brooklyn artist Troy Paul Bloom.
Both artists selceted images in their camera rolls from the same date, March 28, 2022, and wrote one page descriptions of them, lacking as much emotional context as possible.  They traded descriptions and each tried to recreate the image as described.
Erin’s drawing, charcoal and ink on paper, 2022

‘21,’ scans of pocketbook, ink and thread, 2022